Strong Minds, Strong Thighs

by Cadence & the Wolf

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3.5 years in the making, it's finally here!


released June 19, 2015

All songs written and produced by Cadence & the Wolf

Cadence & the Wolf is...
Allie Pikala, Alyse Emanuel, Hailey Jacobsen, and Sam Stahlmann

All songs engineered and mixed by Amy Van Patten at CoreSource Productions
All songs mastered by Greg Reierson at Rareform



all rights reserved


Cadence & the Wolf Minneapolis, Minnesota

Formerly known as Half Demon Doll, Cadence & the Wolf is a band from Minneapolis, MN. A concoction of four piece female vocals and rock n roll guitar riffs with a dash of female empowerment mixed together in a Minneapolis basement. They formed at Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, and besides their year long time out, they have been playing in the Minneapolis scene for six years. ... more

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Track Name: The Day I Met Me
You’re looking mighty lost and tired
With dirt in your hair in your soul
I would ask where you came from
But my fear is out of control

The way you’re looking at me is making me believe
You know just what I need to be free

To you am I a traveler long lost at sea
And now washed up on foreign land?
Or am I simply me, just another human being
Sifting my judgments like grains of sand?

The taste of fear is getting stronger
Like gritty glue trapped in my jaws
Looking through your clear eyes
I’ve overcome by a stampede of my flaws

The way I’m looking at me is making me believe
I know just what I need to be free

To you am I a traveler long lost at sea
And now washed up on foreign land?
Or am I simply me, just another human being
Sifting my judgments like grains of sand?

I don’t think we know this
But we can be pretty poisonous
Letting our toxins seep into your skin
Let's start a new journey
Let's start a new journey
And learn to let it all in

You are no longer before me
As we combine our eyes
Ignorance becomes insight
I am my guide I realize
Track Name: Suitcases
Feels like a museum hall
With walls scary tall
Silence wanders here
I guess I’m one to care
Inside an empty suitcase
Full of memories
It will never leave
It’s my shadow

"But I hate it," he screams (can’t help but agree)
Its weight cripples my mind
It’s growing all the time

I need a new suitcase to lose
My lovely memories are turning into enemies

Feel like an alien
I don’t wanna pretend
That I’m okay with this
I guess I’m one to care
They say be yourself
But I don’t know my face
I just wanna get lost in my suitcase

"I think it’s time to change" (he screams to my face)
It’s hard to take his advice
When all I hear are lies
Track Name: The Beginning Of
The day I started comparing lives
Was the day I started losing battles
The loses are adding up now
I’m counting my bruises
The day I looked at the clock
Was the day that I got lost
Ticking down, seconds passing by
In my state of fear

I could let this ocean engulf me
Or I could learn how to swim
The difference is (the difference is)
Hope or fear
The difference is my only choice
This day won’t drown in mediocrity
I’m gonna take this day by the hand
Today is the beginning of victory

The seconds still tick
But I’m no longer afraid
But you never seem to remember
How good peace can taste
So c’mon let's put up the white flag
And I’ll tear down the clock
‘Cause I’m not waiting for one more minute
For my life to start
Track Name: Mistake List
Well you got what you wanted
Are you feeling happy now
And you wanna flaunt it
You shouldn’t be taking a bow
You don’t know what you’ve done
Or who you’ve become
You threw everything away
I never thought you would betray

Isn’t it funny how things they change?
I can’t believe that you could be so fake
Isn’t it funny how things they change?
I guess I’ll add you to my list of mistakes

Well I hope you’re feeling proud
You used a best friend
I will scream it out loud
This is the end
Well don’t come to me with the sounds of your pleas
You have lost my respect so baby
I’ll take a raincheck

Isn’t it pretty how things they change?
It sounds so different but it isn’t strange
And isn’t it pretty how things they change?
Goodbye my list of mistakes
Track Name: Isolation
There’s something wrong with me
I think I’m going insane
There’s no silver lining
To free me from this prison pain

I’m turning corners
Only to find dead ends
I’m running in circles
That will never bend

I’ve gotta figure this out
And there is only one way out
I’ve gotta find my place
I’m lost in outer space
And all I wanna do is get back home
I’ve gotta get out

And I have figured out
I was trapped inside myself
You can’t imagine all the things that I felt
But in the end
I broke through the wall
I made those bricks
Tumble and fall
Track Name: Merry Go Rounds
I’m just drifting
Sitting still along for the ride
I don’t think I’m going anywhere
Maybe slightly down

My body’s weak and my mind is sicker
Counting worries like sheep
I’m plucking flowers
toward insanity

Merry Go Rounds dancing in my head
Nothing’s picture perfect
The mermaid is dead
Circling possibilities of endless worries
They cascade through my mind

So yes I sit in the passenger seat
Waiting for my strength
Don’t tell me to pull that trigger
It won’t make me bigger

Time stands still
Against my will
These words unsaid
Creep through my head

Now all my feelings have been said
Shot me down, now I’m dead
I’m just walking while talking trash
Spewing this and loving lies
Losing fast (cause I keep)
Replaying the past (I’ve lost all)
Self control (it always)
Slams the door

And I don’t know why I keep on
falling apart, falling into
defeat and deconstructed worry

And as I break into a million empty pieces (as I break)
I’ve accepted that
I know I’ll never find (never find)
Fear feeds on my mind
Track Name: Perfect Little City
You lie to everybody disguised and undercover
Tell me, how do you feel now that you’re drowning in the water
Ice like bulletproof glass
All the people stare (but all they do is pass)

You were a fish out of water just dying to swim
Please follow their orders son and you’ll fit in
To this perfect little city built from perfect little lies
This very soil you walk on is contaminated with your demise

Blame can’t fall on one
We all affect the outcome
Fall together or fall apart
We’re part of an equation
And it adds up to one, YEAH!

You always look at the picture, never study the frame
You people always pointing fingers but you shape who you blame
Don’t you know you’re all the same (we’re all the same)

You all just carry on, oblivious to breathing
When all our lives add up to a single breath
Some of us stray from it all, holding our breath
Contemplating what would happen if we kept this from the rest

You keep on talking but I don’t hear you
Killer with those smiling eyes
Walking with that smug attitude
You’re seeing ignorance and ready to die
Track Name: Shame Escape
Living, loving learning
It’s not always wise
When we’re never real
We’ll never see through our disguise

I just wanna lay down
In a bed that has no shame
And erase my frown
With today’s technology

We’re forcing smiles
While nature aches for miles
We’re beyond our years
With hearts no longer pure

It’s hard to let go
Of these lines we’ve drawn
They’re all we’ve ever known
C’mon get, got, go
Real change can be so painfully slow
Track Name: Do You Feel Tall?
You get so high by making me feel low
Go ahead and disguise yourself
How dare you let them know
You better step your game up
Cause I'm here to tear this place up
I'm not letting you shrink me down this time
I'm towering over you

I'm sick and tired of what's coming from your lips
I'm sick and tired of feeling the guilt trip
You have played all the cards in your hand
I am throwing mine in
I'm sick and tired of listening to this
I'm sick of listening to all your excuses
As soon as you take the blame we start a new game

I get so high when the feeling gets so close
I feel it rising and lifting, I'm trying not to let it show
I put on a face and I know it isn't right
I won't let your poison change who I am inside
Track Name: Why I Don't Believe In Aliens
I tried to keep you out
But you forced yourself in
My wishful thinking has my words trapped behind my skin
I'm not really sure how I got to this point inside
Reality's slipping and so am I
Can somebody prove we're still alive

I can feel them scratching at my brain
And I don't know if I can tell myself I might actually be insane
I can hear the aliens (I can hear the aliens)
Oh oh I can feel the aliens
They're coming for you

They've infested everything
And planted the dissonant ring
Insanity has killed my name
And I have my shadow to blame
Track Name: Jack Of Spades
The jack of spades it took my place
When I folded out of my worn game face
I quit, I stumbled, I cashed out on my breath
But at least I took the bet
Covering my tracks
With the jack of spades and its little eye
Watching me stepping out of the lines of time
With the clock going tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock
It's always counting down
Never cashing out

The rules of the game keep swelling
While we blindly call them so stunning
Playing oblivious to the obvious question
Lost in the spades
Need to change our perception

The jack of spades it's loving the lie
But I'm learning something that could make this eye cry
Life's not a game for the ones who speak the truth
These rules were made by fiends like you
The jack of spades